Though being particularly messy while working, I always love a clean, blank slate to begin my new day. This philosophy is well embodied into my ultimately minimal Windows 8.1 Desktop.

I am a big fan of the lightning fast booting time and shut down time of Windows 8.1, even though I detest its useless-for-desktop Modern UI. Fortunately, Lifehacker introduced me to one of the best time-saving Windows app ever made, Launchy!

I put only 4 shortcuts in my Taskbar, the four essential applications I use most: Windows Explorer, MusicBee, Microsoft Word, and Google Chrome. This gives me lots of spaces to work with. To access my other applications or documents? I have Launchy!

With this setting, I can messily open any files, folders, and applications required to finish my work, and once it gets done, I can quickly start clean to complete the next task with a refreshed, Zen mind.


What do I need?

Install Launchy for Windows, with Black Glass Flat skin


Token Light Icon Packs for Taskbar icons

Venice Wallpaper from